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Maxed out with work?

But still struggling to pay yourself the money you want?



The tried and tested process to skyrocket your profit, while leaving more time for YOU, created specifically for service-based female entrepreneurs.


Would you like to go from under-charging, working-all-the-hours, and feeling stressed out...

To being a savvy profit-makin' business boss who:

Charges profitably for the value she gives her clients (while oozing total confidence)

Only does the work she really loves 
(no more work that isn’t profitable or doesn’t light you up)

While only working the hours she wants!
(no more burning the midnight oil)

YES? Then it's time to get the hands on guidance and support you need to finally nail your pricing and make this your most profitable year yet.

I know you're here because...

You love what you do and want to make a difference in the world.

But yet 
it feels SO darn hard to make the money you want and need.


You got into business for more freedom and flexibility.

And yet you’re working waaay more hours than you did as an employee, and the more clients you get the more overwhelmed and stressed you feel.


Am I right?


If I am and this is where you’re at,
I’m about to throw down a
 Truth bomb

 You need your business to work for YOU and your loved ones...not just for your clients! 

So getting your pricing right really, bl**dy matters. Because if you don’t get it right, and you aren’t making enough profit it can hurt...

Your Health

Your Relationships

Your Business

And no one wants that.

That’s why I’m here to help you Nail Your Pricing once and for all!

Just Imagine...

  • Getting your evenings and weekends back to spend them doing  what you love  with the ones you love (not sitting alone staring at your computer late into the night)

  • Having  money in abundance  to spend on whatever you want (not just the bills or the kids' school fees)

  • Only working the hours you want so you can  enjoy a life that’s about more than just work. Whether that’s being there for your kids after school, getting back into the gym, or traveling the world (working on your terms while still earning more profit = Yes Please!)

  • Truly believing in the mega value you bring to your clients lives so you have the courage to  charge what you're worth  (never wavering on your prices again!)

  • Feeling  excited and motivated  about the year ahead, confident it’ll be the success you want it to be (smashing your profit-makin’ goals, without burning out)

That's what my clients have achieved

And that's what is waiting for you inside


"After just 3 months my earnings are on track for a 400% increase while working only 4 hrs a day - less than HALF what I was before! This is a life changer!"

Sel Leigh, Leigh Development


Nail Your Pricing is my exclusive, 6 week, high-touch online group experience for service-based business owners. Think: coaches, consultants, designers, virtual assistants, photographers, marketers, and so many more.


During 6 weeks of LIVE coaching time together, I’ll walk you through my 6 Step Profitable Pricing Process ™ and teach you how to:

Ditch the pricing guesswork.

Make MORE PROFIT in a repeatable, sustainable way.

Pay yourself a bl**dy good salary, not just the leftover scraps...because your salary is NOT a reward, it’s a fixed business cost (don’t worry, we’ll go into how to make that happen too.) 

The best news is, this is a Get Sh*t Done style coaching programme, and we’ll actively do the work as we go. By the end of our six weeks together you will have already made massive changes to your mindset and confidence, and as well as your pricing.


Let's build you a rock-solid financial foundation.

What you get inside Nail Your Pricing


Let’s be clear, Nail Your Pricing™ isn’t just any old online programme. I’ll be there holding your hand every step of the way. So you never have to figure out the answers all by yourself.

Every business owners should do this programme!

- Candice Baker, Collectively NZ


What's In The Box...


7 highly practical virtual learning modules

So you can step through the Profitable Pricing Process™ with ease. And not just now but for any time in the future!


Small group coaching experience

Community, camaraderie, and the reassurance that comes from like-minded women who are experiencing similar challenges.

Weekly group coaching & review sessions via Zoom

so you’re not left to figure it out on your own - we can refine your pricing and services together, step-by-step.


A high-level of personal attention from me!

Live feedback from me on every activity you do and a ‘no question left behind’ policy, means you can be confident your pricing is right.

7 Proven Pricing Tools & Activities

You receive my proven pricing tools and activities I’ve spent 20 years developing to take the guesswork out of your pricing

12 month access to my exclusive client support group

Ongoing advice and accountability so you can make your goals a reality this year. 


Grab Your Quick Action Bonus Swag Bag 
When you join before Wednesday 9 march 2022

A private 1:1 Pricing Power Session with me so we can kick things off with a bang and dive deep into your biz to figure out what your unique challenges are. Valued at $557 (NZD), but on the house for you.

An exclusive extended payment plan. Get started for just $320 (NZD) and spread the full investment over six months to help make cash flow easier.

PLUS get these special bonuses whenever you join:

Supercharge Your Time Mini-Course. Discover the value of your time so you get your evenings and weekends back.

The Essential Capacity Planner. The simple way to NEVER overbook yourself again! More time, less stress.

Have No Fear Email Templates - Worried about telling your clients your prices are going up? These email swipe files will take the fear away.

4 Pillars Of Profitability Guide. Find out what you need to change in order to get more profit out of your business.

And remember, once you’ve done the work, you’ll have these skills for life. So you can use them again and again to create profitable pricing for your future services and offers.

Candice Baker profile.jpg

"I've paid myself more in the last 12 months since doing this work, than in the last 3 years COMBINED, and while working less hours! I’m forever grateful."

Candice Baker, The Marketing Baker


How The
6 Step Profitable Pricing Process


Week One: 28th March 2022

Set Your Lifestyle and Business Vision.

By the end of this step you'll have defined the business and lifestyle YOU WANT so you can create a clear action plan to make it happen.


This is where you get to decide how you want to be living, as well as working. And remember, your version of success is the only one that matters!

Tool: Business & Lifestyle Vision Workbook (with all the prompts you need to design a life and business you love!)

I got my money’s worth already from just one realisation in the first week! I now realise the value of my time which is life changing.”  - Louise.

Work at home


Week One: 28th March 2022

Create Your Super Easy Future Facing Business Budget.

This is the secret sauce to being able to afford to invest in all the tools and resources your business needs to be a success.


As a result of this activity you’ll have a robust 12 month business budget so you can invest in your business with confidence, knowing you’ll make a return on all your investments.


I’ll also show you how to recoup the cost for this investment so it basically pays for itself! Magic!

Tool: Your Future Facing Business Budget (pre-filled with all the common expenses solopreneurs need)

Yay! I used to hate looking at numbers, but having a business budget is a game changer!” - Sally Tudhope


Week Two: 4th April 2022

Calculate Your Healthy Charge-Out Rate

As a result of step 3 you’ll know exactly what you need to charge or earn per hour so you can pay all your bills, AND your salary, only working the hours you want.


This makes sure you’re earning enough for every hour you DO want to work to cover for every hour you don’t!


This is where you get to factor in things like 3 day weeks, only working school hours, having 12 weeks off to go traveling, or not having to work school holidays.


All of that, without having to take a pay cut!

Tool: Your Profitable Charge-Out Rate Calculator (this is plug & play, so you just put in what you want to earn, and how you want to work and the calculator does the rest!)

Now I know exactly what I need to be charging in order to pay myself the salary I deserve for it all to be worth it.” - Louise Blakely, Hooked On Marketing

Accountant at Work
Woman Working from Home


Week Three: 11th April 2022

Discover The True Value Of Your Services

By the end of this step you’ll truly understand and believe in the value of the services you provide, giving you the courage and confidence to charge what you’re worth.  Because it’s only when YOU truly believe that your clients will too!


Knowing your value is at the core of Value Based Pricing which is the most powerful pricing method.  


This method unlocks your profitability, because it’s no longer about how many hours it takes or how much it costs, but instead it's about how valuable your service is.


Value Based Pricing also makes pricing conversations a whole lot less awkward, because it’s no longer about YOU and your value (eek!), but rather it’s about the change you help your clients to achieve and how valuable that is to them.

Tool: Know Your Value Worksheet (walking you step-by-step how to calculate and articulate the real value of your services)

Nailing my pricing has meant that I have found my confidence in myself. I now KNOW I am worth every cent and that is priceless” - Sel Leigh - Leigh Developments


Week Four: 18th April 2022

Create Profitable Packages Your Clients Love And Can Afford.

Whether you offer fixed priced packages, bespoke projects, 1:1 coaching, or run an online programme, creating profitable offers that meet your clients needs, and that they can actually afford is critical for enabling you to scale easily without burning out.


As a result of this exercise you will have redefined and streamlined the way you deliver to better meet your clients needs and budgets all while earning more for every hour you work.

Tools: Your Profitable Packages Calculator (this clever tool will help you get real clear on how you deliver the best results AND what you need to charge for it!

Pricing with packages is so much easier AND I make more money!"  - Louise

Person Looking at Laptop
Woman Measuring


Week Five: 25th April 2022

Develop Your Own 12 Month Profit Strategy

As a result of this activity you’ll be crystal clear on your offerings, prices and your sales targets, taking the guess-work out of turning a profit. 


This enables you to create a sales and marketing plan that doesn’t just achieve your goal revenue target but your goal salary as well. 

AND only working the hours you WANT! No more setting big targets only to burn yourself out making it happen!

Tool: Your 12 Month Profit Strategy Calculator (this is like your very own crystal ball enabling you to plan for a future you love and get crystal clear on what steps you need to take)

Natalie's approach is really structured and clear - now I know how to scale." - Rebekah Holmes -  The Ship Shape Shoppe


Week Six: 2nd May 2022

Create a robust 90 Day Action Plan to turn your goal salary into a reality.

It’s not enough to just put numbers in a spreadsheet - to get results you have to take action!


To make sure you get the results you need, you’ll also create a 90 Day Action so you have an actionable weekly plan to make your goal salary a reality, without all the overwhelm!

Tool: Your 90 Day Action Plan Workbook (super practical and easy to follow!) 

I truly feel I have a clear path to achieving my income goals now. I know exactly how to do it and I can feel my business growing before my very eyes.“

- Gemma Knight - Gemma Knight Writes

Woman Cutting Paper



You may be wondering...


Here’s the thing…
The online biz world is full of people proclaiming they can
help you to make more money, but most of the time…
their promises fall short.

When you put your trust in and work with me
you’re not getting a one trick pony.


 Hi, I'm                 


I’m a profit coach who’s been transforming businesses and fixing profitability for over 20 years. So it’s safe to say I’m not an overnight know-it-all. 


I’ve worked in top international companies in London and Europe, and behind the scenes with iconic brands such as Dyson, Rolex, Unilever, Nike, and American Express.

Using the tools and processes I developed during my career, I built a 6-figure business and paid myself a full time salary within just 18 months. Working 3 days a week.

And let me be clear. There’s no smoke and mirrors here.

I’m not into social media highlight reels, hustle culture, or simplistic, ‘just do it’ solutions. Because the reality of life for many women in business is complex , and that approach just doesn’t cut it.

The real proof that my knowledge and know-how actually works, is via the hundreds of women in biz  that I’ve helped and guided through my 6 Step Profitable Pricing Process.


 Because they’ve made massive shifts in their business profitability too. 


It’s opened up a whole new realm of what’s possible for them, their family, and the lifestyle they get to create.

Here's what some of them have to say...

Client Grid_edited.jpg
Gemma Knight - Profile.png

"Nail Your Pricing has given me the confidence to charge what my services are actually worth, not what I think people can afford to pay.  I truly feel I have a clear path to achieving my income goals now. I know exactly how to do it and I can feel my business growing before my very eyes."

Gemma Knight, Gemma Knight Writes

"I’ve increased my salary by 30% just from making one small change, and without increasing my prices! I now know I can provide for my family with just my business."

Kim Garside, All Smilez Art

Kim profile face.jpg
MIchelle Sokolich profile.jpg

“Before I didn't feel I had good control of my finances or the big picture.  I couldn't figure out how to grow my business to the next level so I could go from making money, to making GOOD money! Now I feel in control of the money stuff in my business which is huge for me. It's invaluable really, I wish I'd found you earlier!!!”

Michelle Sokolich, Show & Tell

Wondering if  Nail Your Pricing  is right for YOU?

Here's a quick check...

Are you a sole trader or solopreneur running a client serving business?

(Sorry, Nail Your Pricing isn’t right for product-based businesses or service-based businesses with teams.)

Do you want to make your business work for you AND your lifestyle,  instead of being in constant hustle and grind mode?

Do you have a proven track record of delivering services and results, even if that was in previous employment or a different business?

Are you committed to making your business a profitable success but in a way that’s healthy and sustainable for you?

Did you answer YES to these?  Then you can be confident that  Nail Your Pricing  is a PERFECT MATCH for you.

 "I reckon I made at least 
 another $20k from 
 this programme!" 

- Louise Blakely, Hooked On Marketing

Pay yourself what you’re worth

doing what you love,

only working the hours you want!

Enroll Today!

Painted Black Arrow

So What's The Investment?

The awesome news is Nail Your Pricing is less than ⅓ of the investment of working 1:1 with me.

So, are you ready to create a rock-solid financial foundation that allows you to grow a thriving business you love, paying yourself a kick-ass salary, while living the lifestyle you really desire?

2022 Sign Up

Join The Waitlist Now!

Due to the intimate nature of this group, spaces are extremely limited and get snapped up quickly.  To make sure you're the first to know when doors open, and be in to grab your Bonus Swag Bag join the waitlist today!

Can’t wait to see you on the inside!

Choose the Nail Your Pricing Plan

That Works Best For You

    BEST VALUE    

One Payment of


(excl GST/Tax)


13 Weekly Installments of just


(excl GST/Tax)

 Doors Close For Last Time For   2022 on Saturday 19th March @ 9PM NZST 

Need Help or Have Questions?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the best decision for you and your business.

MEgan Hallier - profile.jpg

This programme feels life-changing.  I have taken on two new clients using my healthy charge out rate. I was able to price the packages in a way that suited their needs but was also manageable for me. It's so freeing to be earning MORE money for doing the same amount of work. “ 

MEGAN Hallier - Just Peachy Digital

"Nail Your Pricing, it's helped me - I can't tell you how much!  Her spreadsheets are so good - dead easy to use, and the Q&A is invaluable.

I've been able to pay myself for the first time ever. This is a real game changer!"

Lynda Fulton, Food Safety NZ

Lynda profile image.jpg

"I now feel so confident and clear on what I need to be charging and why.   
Natalie really cares about your journey with her and will make sure you understand everything that she talks about and how it all fits together. It was a very worthwhile investment in my business to work with her.

Leeann Bassett - Face Up Now


If you haven't clicked that 'JOIN NOW' button yet,

you might be wondering...

Gets Results!


“I feel so much more confident about putting a price on my services. There's no more guesswork involved and since I have worked out exactly what it costs...I no longer feel like I should give discounts. Nail Your Pricing was worth every penny!

- Treena Pitham - Octopus Admin

treena Pitham profile2021.jpg
emma baker profile.png

"Natalie’s methods are very relevant to creatives and having someone with her industry knowledge and agency experience was exactly what I needed to help refine my processes and pricing. 

She’s also one of the few people who offers these sorts of services who really understands and appreciates the detail and deadlines that’s involved. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others, in fact I already have!

Emma Baker - Emma Baker Photography

“I was able to charge what I was worth from the beginning, thanks to Nail Your Pricing. My pricing is now on point with all the number crunching behind it...I’m now VERY clear on exactly what I need to do to achieve my financial goals. It’s so good!

Rebekah Holmes - The Ship Shape Shoppe

Jessica Brown - profile.jpg

“No more hesitating, second guessing myself and working for free. Every month I can see what I've earnt and how much of that is MY salary!  Now I feel I have a viable business and I provide a valuable service!”

Jessica Brown - Jessica Brown Designs

“I now know how to create predictable and systemised packages, even where I felt none could be created.  I now feel more confident in the value of my work and have a clear system for scoping new (and profitable) projects.” 

Christine Sheehy - Christine Sheehy & Co

Christine Sheehy - Profile.jpg

It’s 100% possible to create a profitable, scalable, and successful business. One where you get to do what you love, working the way YOU want.

And I’d be privileged to show you how.

    BEST VALUE    

One Payment of


(excl GST/Tax)


13 Weekly Installments of just


(excl GST/Tax)

 Doors Close For Last Time For   2022 on Saturday 19th March @ 9PM NZST 

Need Help or Have Questions?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the best decision for you and your business.

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