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"I was so ready to quit and do something new...but i feel so refreshed and excited to implement what I've learnt and change the way I've done business.  I can actually see how i'll be able to make some money now! I'm soo freakin excited!"

Anzel Clayton

"I already got my money's worth from just one realisation in the first week!  And the tools in here are so awesome.  I wish I'd met you years ago!

Louise Blakey

I work with amazing women entrepreneurs running client-serving businesses.

You're coaches, designers, speakers, photographers, marketers...

You have great clients, deliver great results and KNOW you make a difference.

The problem is, despite your success, you're still not able to pay yourself what you're worth.

It just seems that no matter how hard you work, or how many clients you have, you're still not making the kind of money you thought you'd be making.


And worse, you can't see when it's going to change. 

  • You're just living invoice to invoice, anxiously waiting for every payment to come in

  • You keep getting to the end of the month and stressing because there's just not enough money left in the bank

  • ​​You're feeling resentful, and like you're being taken advantage of by your clients because they're just not paying you what you're worth or for all the time you spend - time that you could be spending with your family or on yourself.

  • You're worried that maybe you made the wrong decision going into business by yourself

  • You're tired of sacrificing your own time and personal goals to help others achieve theirs

  • You're feeling guilty for daring to want MORE than enough

  • You're feeling powerless and fearful not knowing how you are going to make this business the success it needs to be. 


But it doesn't have to be this way!


It IS possible to transform your business so that 

  • you can pay yourself a decent salary without burning yourself out so you can support yourself and your family, and achieve your personal and financial goals. 

  • you gain the knowledge and the freedom to create the life and lifestyle that works for you

  • you no longer have to work every hour of the day, every day of the week just to make ends meet.


And that is what I'm here to help you do!


I've designed my How To Nail Your Pricing specifically for Solopreneurs and sole traders like you, who are serious about making their business work.


This isn't about just getting more clients or growing a massive team. 


It's about giving you the skills you need to put you in the driving seat of your business, whatever that means to you.


Together we'll get your pricing sorted

so you can finally pay yourself what you're worth!


  • Know exactly what you need to be charging in order to pay yourself what you're worth.

  • Have a solid strategy to get you to your goal salary before the end of the year.

  • Gain the confidence to back yourself and charge what you’re worth.

  • Find pricing conversations easier and less awkward.

  • Be able to predict how much money you'll have in the bank at the end of the year.

  • Have the confidence to invest in your business - no more second-guessing yourself!

  • Have a plan to create the business you WANT, not just the one you have.

  • Feel motivated, empowered and excited about having a business that can pay you what you're worth. 

Here's what others have said...

Candice Baker profile.jpg

Candice Baker

The Marketing Baker

"It's been great to step back and really have a look at things, and build in what my business needs and what the future business looks like, not just be stuck in the right now.   I've made some massive discoveries on my work style...well above and beyond what I had expected from looking into pricing.

I have [also] reclaimed three weekends since starting on your course - that in itself is massive - total mindset shift!

So thank you, a million times thank you!"

emma baker profile.png

Emma Baker

Emma Baker Photography

"Natalie’s methods are very relevant to creatives and having someone with her industry knowledge and agency experience was exactly what I needed to help refine my processes and pricing.  


She’s also one of the few people who offers these sorts of services who really understands and appreciates the detail and deadlines that’s involved with the work I do.


It’s been great to have access to Natalie over the last few months and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others, in fact I already have!"

Anzel Clayton profile.jpg

Anzel Clayton

Lemony Skies

"I couldn't speak more highly of Natalie, her knowledge and her packages!!!

She's the answer to my prayers and I wish I'd met her years ago!

Definitely get in touch if her message resonates with you!!"

Here's what you'll be getting...

I'm sharing with you the actual tools I developed and used every day as a Transformation Consultant in London to transform the profitability of major corporations. 


But more than the tools, I'm sharing with you my 20+ years of business experience running, growing and transforming businesses from solopreneurs through to billion dollar companies. 


Because it isn't just about having the tools, it's about knowing how to apply them. 


It isn't just about having the information, it's about learning how to use it to make smart business decisions

This is about empowering YOU with the business skills you need to create a healthy, sustainable, PROFITABLE business you can be in for the long haul. 



  • PREPARATION : Business Health Check

  • WEEK 1 :  Know Where Your Time  & Money Goes

  • WEEK 2 :  Know Your Value (Value-Based Pricing)

  • WEEK 3 :  Creating Your Future-Facing Business Budget

  • WEEK 4 :  Calculating Your Healthy Charge-Out Rate

  • WEEK 5 :  Creating More Packages More Clients Can Buy

  • WEEK 6 :  Nailing Your Pricing Strategy

  • WEEK 7 :  Pulling It All Together


  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

  • Daily access to me in our Online Support Group

  • BONUS: The Live Document Review That Could Save You Thousands AND Your Reputation

  • BONUS: The Price Increase Email That Could Actually Make You Sales!

  • PLUS, Learn:

    • The Four Levers Of Profitability

    • The Top Ten Profit Building Strategies

    • The Two Business Models You Need Know

    • The Four Key Pricing Methods And How To Use Them

I've been doing business transformation for over 20 years now, working with everyone from solopreneurs to small family businesses, from NZ icons like Designworks through to top international companies in London, such as M&C Saatchi LIDA and Mindshare Worldwide. 


Before I left my corporate career in London I was one of the top Business Transformation Consultants in London.


I LOVE working with Founders and CEOs and helping them achieve both their business and personal goals.  Because for me, the health of a business is intricately linked to the health and well being of the people IN that business - whether you're the boss or part of the team.


But this programme isn't about just working harder or getting more clients.


It's about learning the fundamentals that make a business successful and setting your business up so you can work the way YOU need to work, while paying yourself the salary you deserve.


One of the biggest kicks I get from running this programme is seeing women entrepreneurs go from feeling frustrated, powerless, resentful and ready to give up, to once again being excited and motivated and optimistic about their business and having a real plan for how they can make it work.


If you've ever wonder HOW you were going to make this business successful, well at the end of this course not only will KNOW how, but you'll have an actionable PLAN to get you there!!

The next course starts in May 2019  


So if you are

✖️ tired of never having quite enough...

✖️ If you want to be in business for the long haul...

✖️ If you can't afford for this business NOT to work...

✖️ Or if you finally want to start paying yourself what you're worth...


Register TODAY and you'll get access to the limited edition early enrollment bonuses.


Just take this one small step today that could change not only your business, but also your life.


Want to know more?  Here's exactly whats included:


What It Helps You To Do:

Get really clear on WHO your ideal clients are and understand the VALUE of the CHANGE you enable them to achieve.

What It Means For You:

  • Makes pricing conversations easier and less awkward as it’s no longer about how much you THINK people are prepared to pay for you (enter self-estimate and self worth issues!).

  • Helps build your confidence to charge what you’re worth

  • Gets you really focused on connecting with your IDEAL clients which leads to better results, more satisfaction and a healthier business.

  • Enables you to sell more at a higher value as you are connecting with you IDEAL clients, those that you love working with, who get the best results and who are prepared to pay for it.


What It Helps You To Do:

Gives you the top ten strategies for increasing your profitability and how to apply them to your business.

What It Means For You:

  • Learn the top ten strategies for increasing your profitability so you can find the ones that work best for YOU and YOUR businesses

  • Takes the guess-work out of what to do next and provides you with tools and strategies that you can apply to move you from where you are today to where you need to be.


What It Helps You To Do:

Calculate your Minimum Charge-Out Rate – so you know the minimum you need to be charging for your work to ensure your covering your costs AND earning the salary you need.

What It Means For You:

  • Takes the guess work out of pricing, so you KNOW what you need to be charging in order to achieve your goals and make your business a success

  • Have confidence that your Charge-out Rate will not only cover your expenses but also enable you to start paying yourself the salary you deserve.

  • Learn the Three Elements that impact what you need to be charging to achieve your goals and how you can use them to get the best outcome for your business.

  • Feel motivated and empowered by having an actionable plan to move you from where you are today to where you need to be.


What It Helps You To Do:

Get control over all the costs in your business and start plan for the business you WANT to have, not just the one you have today so you can ensure you’re covering your costs

What It Means For You:

  • Gives you the confidence to invest in your business – get that new office space; buy that new software; take that new training course - knowing it’s been budgeted and paid for.  No more second-guessing or feeling anxious about investing your money.

  • Helps you make smart decisions about where to spend your money because you can calculate your return on investment.

  • Feel empowered creating an actionable and practical plan that will make your future business vision a reality.


What It Helps You To Do:

Work out what you need to be charging and how many you need to be selling of each of your potential products and/or services.

What It Means For You:

  • Many entrepreneurs offer a variety of packages or services at varying different price points.  Trying to figure out what’s the right balance and combination can be pretty tricky and leave you feeling overwhelmed from spinning too many plates at once

  • This tool will help you work out the best mix and price points for each offering so you find the right balance that’s manageable for you, that also enables you to achieve your goals.

  • You can then have confidence in defining a suitable marketing strategy knowing how many you have to deliver to achieve your goal.


What It Helps You To Do:

Helps you make informed decisions about where you spend your time and what you need to prioritize.

What It Means For You:

  • Discover the time sinks that are eating away at your profitability and your energy!

  • Become empowered to make the best decision for you and your business on where you spend your time and your money.

  • Potentially double your salary just by focusing your time on the RIGHT activities.


And if all that wasn't enough, you'll also get these amazing BONUSES:

BONUS: Calculate Your REAL Hourly Rate

What It Helps You To Do:

Work out what your current Hourly Rate is so know how much you’re currently earning per hour.

What It Means For You:

  • Gives you visibility on the components that impact your project profitability and your hourly rate, so you can make informed decisions

  • Gives you clarity on where all the money and your time is going

  • Immediately identify areas where you could make cost savings to improve your profitability straight away.

  • Immediately Identify areas that are taking a disproportionate amount of your time so you can start looking at outsourcing, delegating or just do it smarter – saving you time and money.

BONUS: Price Increase Email Template

What It Helps You To Do:

An email template designed to get you the best result from increasing your prices.

What It Means For You:

  • Takes the fear out of announcing a price increase to your existing community

  • When done right, a price increase email can actually lead to an increase in sales.



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