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 Your Service Business 

 in 2023 



5 Steps To Recession-Proof Your Service Business In 2023,

So You Can Keep Paying Yourself And Your Bills

Even When Times Are Tough

With this Masterclass you'll get...

Live Trainings


Join me LIVE to learn these critical business strategies and get all your questions answered for FREE in our live Q&A & Hot Seat


Instant Access

Receive Instant Access to my powerful Money Mojo Session so you can break through one of the biggest money blockers and start paying yourself a decent salary this year.


Registration Bonus

Register for the FREE Masterclass and get access to my Profit Finder Pricing Tool so you can find the hidden profit in your biz and start earning more, without having to hike your prices up!

Meet Natalie Coombe, a trailblazing entrepreneur and one of New Zealand's Top Pricing & Profit Expert who knows all about balancing the demands of business and motherhood. 

With over 25 years of experience delivering results for top international companies such as M&C Saatchi LIDA and Mindshare Worldwide, as well as behind the scenes for big-name brands like Unilever, Dyson, and Nike, Natalie is an expert in helping women entrepreneurs nail their pricing and profits.


As a single mum by choice running a successful six-figure online business in just 3 days a week, Natalie understands the challenges of being a woman in business and is dedicated to helping other talented business owners do the same.

With her proven track record and her Nail Your Pricing™ program, Natalie will empower you to pay yourself what you're worth, doing what you love, and working the hours you want.


Join Natalie today in her mission to support women business owners everywhere in creating better lives for themselves and their loved ones!

Don't let the financial challenges of 2023 stop you from having a profitable business 

Join now and let's overcome these challenges together

Get ready for a recession-busting

Masterclass like no other!

I'm here to help you navigate the choppy waters of 2023 with ease. This live 5 Steps To Recession-Proof Your Service Business masterclass is happening on Tuesday 23rd May.


This 2hr masterclass is designed for business owners like you who are tired of the cost-of-living crisis, rates & inflation hikes, and economic downturn affecting their bottom line.


You're worried about what this year holds, struggling with cashflow, and maybe living invoice to invoice. But I'm here to show you how to keep the revenue flowing, ease that cashflow crunch, and keep paying yourself (and your bills) every single month, even when times are tough.

These 5 Steps will teach you how to:


  • Pay yourself (and your bills) regularly even when revenue is drops (or stops!)

  • Ease the cashflow crunch so you’re no longer living invoice to invoice 

  • Get paid for all the time you spend so you don’t have to work as hard, or sell as much, in order to still pay the bills and yourself 

  • Effectively communicate the value of your services making it easier for people to purchase 

  • Earn more in difficult times without having to discount (or raise!) your prices, meaning more money for YOU.


By the end of this Masterclass, you'll feel more confident about the year ahead and have practical, easy to implement strategies that will get more money in your bank account faster!

Oh! And it's completely FREE!


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and let's get 2023 on track!


2023, oh 2023. It's a year of the cost of living crisis, massive inflation, and economic downturns - it's enough to make any business owner break out in a cold sweat. 


But don't worry, I've got your back! The 5 Steps To Recession-Proof Your Service Business masterclass is here to help you navigate these tough times and come out on top.

This is the ultimate guide for service business owners who are ready to take charge and secure their financial future.


In this practical, action-packed masterclass, we're going to dive deep into the 5 crucial steps you need to take to recession-proof your service business. I'm talking about the exact strategies I've used to not only survive but thrive during tough economic times.

You'll come out of it feeling empowered and armed with simple, recession-busting actions you can take straight away to get more money in your back account faster, easing your cashflow (and your stress levels!)


And in our practical step-by-step session, you'll also create your own Power Offer, which will help keep the revenue flowing and clients saying 'Yes'!


Because you still need your business to be making YOU money.

So, if you're ready to say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to financial stability, then sign up for this masterclass now.


Plus, did I mention it's completely free?


Don't wait, secure your spot today!

Here are the  top benefits  you'll enjoy after participating in this masterclass, imagine...

Being able to pay yourself every single month, even when revenue is inconsistent

Having more than enough money in the bank to pay every invoice when in comes in the door, without all the stress

Start getting more “Yes’s” on sales calls making sales come easier and quicker, and keeping the revenue flowing

Getting paid on time, every time, without all the follow up, stress and delay

Be able to earn more, working less hours, without having to discount (or raise!) your prices

Feeling more confident, motivated and empowered to make 2023 a financial success

Don't let the 2023 cost of living crises stop you from building a profitable business! Join now and let's overcome these challenges together.

Here’s what my clients have to say after using these strategies:

Untitled design (1).png

“Working with Natalie is a massive game changer! Now I feel super happy, but more importantly, confident about my business and know I’ll be able to pay myself a regular income.” - Claudia - Health and Wellness

“Of all the courses I have paid for, this has by far benefited my business progression. Now I feel much more confident and convinced I can make this business work for me and my family.” - Karyn Campbell - Payroll Consult

Karyn Campbell profile 1.jpg

“I’m so glad I worked with Natalie! Now I feel more confident that I can make my business work on the hours I've got available!” - Jane McClurg - Blend Wellness

Don't wait, sign up now! This is the only time I'm offering this masterclass live, and you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to recession-proof your business this year.

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