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 I want to let you in on a SECRET BELIEF that is stopping you from paying yourself what you're worth.


Because once you know the TRUTH it can UNLOCK your salary.

Get started paying yourself what you're worth today!

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In case we've haven't met, I'm Natalie Coombe from


I have the great privilege of empowering high-achieving women entrepreneurs, like yourself, to sort out your pricing so you can pay yourself what you're worth.


I've been doing business transformation for over 20 years now, and I've found there's ONE BELIEF that so many of my clients experience that is holding them back for paying themselves the salary they're worth...


That is, this idea that:

Your salary is a reward for doing a great job.

This is such an ingrained belief that so many of us have grown up with.


The idea that your salary is a LUXURY.


That you have to EARN the right


That you have to work your arse off for years, SACRIFICING yourself, before your business is, hopefully, successful enough so you can JUSTIFY paying yourself anything.


That's the CONVENTIONAL thinking around your salary.


But here is the truth. 

Your salary is NOT a reward for doing a good job.


It's a FIXED BUSINESS COST you have to PLAN for.

Because when you PLAN for it, you can actually MAKE IT HAPPEN!

If you're a solopreneur, your personal salary is going to be your biggest business cost.


Most likely DOUBLE, if not TRIPLE, your running costs.


So if you're only making a plan to recover your business costs and maaaaybe a little extra...


In the hope that one day, at some point in the future, you'll finally earn enough to pay yourself what you're worth...


The likelihood is you'll have either burned out or given up before then.


Because there's only so  long you can keep going 

without being financially rewarded for what you do.


So you need to make a PLAN.  


One of my clients recently said:


"I finally get it, I get why my previous business didn't make any money. Because we never planned to! We never payed ourselves a salary, because we never planned to make one!" 


You need to have a PRICING STRATEGY and a MARKETING STRATEGY that actually generates the revenue you need in order to pay yourself what you're worth, WITHOUT BURNING OUT.  


So you can have confidence that what you're charging is RIGHT and will actually pay you what you're worth.  


This is what I help my clients do on a daily basis.  


And I have the pleasure and the privilege of seeing then not just their business, but their lives as well.  

So you can get off the treadmill of overwhelm, overwork and underpaid...


And become calm, confident and paying yourself what you're worth!

Because the TRUTH is..


Your SALARY is NOT a reward.

It's a fixed business cost you need to PLAN for.







I can help you make that a reality.

Let's book in a time to chat.

It's FREE.

And it's time YOU started paying yourself what you're worth, doing what you love, only working the hours you want!

Because you are 

worth it!

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