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Hi, I'm

Natalie Coombe

I work with talented women running client-serving businesses.

You’re a life coach, business coach, social media marketer, website designer, lawyerphotographer, speaker, branding specialist...

You work with great clients, deliver powerful results and KNOW you make a difference.

The problem is, despite your success, you're just not making the kind of money you thought you would and close to burning out.

Together we will get your pricing sorted so you can charge what you’re worth, pay yourself the salary you deserve and live the lifestyle you want!

I've been doing business trouble-shooting and transformation for over 25 years, working with everyone from solopreneurs and small family businesses, through to top international companies in London.

I've spent my career helping founders and CEOs achieve their goals and build strong, profitable businesses that are aligned to their way of working.

Having worked with some of the most prestigious companies and brands in the world, including...

To help them achieve results like...

  • Year On Year profit increased by 25% whilst doubling team size from 30 to 65 people

  • 180% increase in operational profit on always-on international campaigns, going from loss making to highly profitable

  • Revenue earnings on FMCG client account by increased by 30%, transforming from understaffed to fully-specced

  • Target client opportunities expanded 10x, from just 10 to 1000+, enabling more clients to buy more often, more easily

  • European roll-out of new digital pricing model proven to increase profitability.

I know something about you and your business.  

And the truth is, most of us undersell ourselves.  

Especially when we go into business on our own.


But the impact of getting your pricing RIGHT and charging what you're worth is HUGE.   


And not just in your business, but in your life as well.


But don't just take my word for it, here's what some of my clients have to say:

"This is a game and life changer - I wish I’d met you years ago!” 

Photo 09-11-2018, 09 35 08.jpg
CBMB - every business.jpg

"I have reclaimed three weekends since starting on your course - that in itself is massive!"

"I increased my salary by 30% just from making one change!"

" I now realise the value of my time which is life changing"

"I DOUBLED my salary from just one realisation in the first week!"

Photo 22-10-2018, 20 55 01.jpg
ACLS_answer prayers crop.png

"I reckon I made at least another $20k from this programme"

"Now I know exactly what i need to be charging in order to pay myself the salary I deserve for it all to be worth it."

Often we have really personal reasons for why we decided to take the road less traveled - whether it's to be there for our family, to have flexibility about when and where you work, or maybe just so you can call the shots and direct your own life. 

Whatever the reason, you've chosen to be brave and create a life that works for YOU.  And that is incredible!

But you need your business to work. 


And in it's simplest form, that simply means being able to pay yourself a decent salary without burning yourself out.

  • One that enables you to support yourself and your family and achieve your personal and financial goals. 

  • One that gives you the freedom to create the life and lifestyle that works for you. 

  • Where you no longer have to work every hour of the day, every day of the week just to make ends meet.


Because if you don't, there's only so long you can keep going before the pressure to get a 'real job' becomes too much and you can end up feeling like a failure.  


Not because you weren't talented enough or good enough or driven enough, but simply because the skills to run a business profitably and sustainably can take years to learn by trial and error, assuming you’re in business long enough to learn them, and very few people TEACH them.

But this is what I'm passionate about empowering women do.

Build strong, thriving businesses that enable them to create the life they want! 

For me this has been a vision 40 years in the making.


I grew up in a small family business.  


I saw first hand the endless effort, responsibility and risk that was involved in starting up and running your own business.  I know intimately how the health of your business impacts the wellbeing of yourself, your family, and everyone involved.


Since then I’ve dedicated my 20+ year career to helping CEO and founders create healthy businesses, ones that are sustainable, meaning you have the energy and the financial resources to pursue your dreams without yourself or your team burning out.


In 2015, after 10 years building a successful career transforming businesses in London, I decided to become a Solo Mum By Choice and move back to New Zealand to raise my daughter with my family.  


When it came time to go back into the corporate grind, with a three hour commute and my daughter in daycare 10 hours a day,  I felt there had to be a better way - one that enabled me to be there for my daughter AND create a life that worked for us.


And I want to give women in business the same opportunity.  


Teach you the skills you need to run a business profitably (yes, that means paying yourself a real salary every month!) so you can make your dreams a reality.

Where did it all begin...?

Are you in?


It's free.

And can be the step that changes your life.

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