Empowering women entrepreneurs 

 running client-serving businesses to 

 nail your pricing so you can pay   yourself what you're worth. 

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Businesses and brands I've had the pleasure of working with...

I was so ready to quit, but i feel so refreshed and excited to implement what I've learnt and change the way I've done business.  And i can actually see how i'll be able to make money now! I'm soo freakin excited!

I couldn’t speak more highly of Natalie, her knowledge or her programme!!!  She’s the answer to my prayers and I wish I’d met her years ago!

Anzel Clayton, Founder

Lemony Skies, Hamilton, New Zealand

Hi, I'm Natalie

And I empower women entrepreneurs, running client serving businesses, to sort out their pricing so they can pay themselves what they're worth without burning out!

Get Your Free Pricing Tool That Can Help DOUBLE Your Salary!

Latest Resources For You...

Value-Based Pricing is the most powerful of the 4 Key Pricing Methods for Service-based Businesses, but how do you know if it’s right for you and why you need to use it? Here I walk you through the 3 signs that Value-Based PRicing is right for your business.

There’s a triple shot cocktail that sees many women giving away time and value for free - or even giving up on your business. It’s time to stop over delivering, undercharging and overworking, and start building a business and that works for you AND your family.

It times of uncertainty it’s normal and healthy to ask what you need to do differently to keep your business afloat. However before you start discounting your product or services here are six things you need to consider first to make sure you’re making the right decisi...

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