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“I’ve already sold 2 packages at my new rates so that’s $10k I’ve made from Nail Your Pricing™️ just like that. Nail Your Pricing™️ is 100% worth it. I’m so pleased I made the investment! I wish I had found this course years ago!"

Gemma - Gem Legal

“I reckon I made an extra $20k from what I’ve learned in Nail Your Pricing™️.”

Maria Cafer - The Human Factor

“I'm set to increase my profit by at least 50%, being super conservative, and with a goal to double it by next year!”

Adria Green - Grahn Creative


"Nail Your Pricing™️ is a massive game changer that’s worth every penny!"

Claudia - Health and Wellness

Karyn Campbell profile 1.jpg

“I’m now confident I’ll hit my target salary of $70k this year which I don't think I would’ve managed without doing Nail Your Pricing.”

Karyn Campbell - Payroll Consult

"I’m happy I joined Nail Your Pricing as I now have tools to give me the confidence to charge what I am worth."

Kim - Landscaping

“This year I expect to increase what I earn by at least another 20% by implementing what I’ve learned in Nail Your Pricing™️. “

Tracey Cross - Tracey Cross Limited

“I’m so glad I did Nail Your Pricing™️! Now I feel more confident that I can make my business work on the hours I've got available!

Jane McClurg - Blend Wellness

Nail Your Pricing™️ helped me realise that putting my prices up and structuring my service offering differently is OK.”

Natalie Trew - Trew Solutions

NATALIE was fantastic.


She got to grips with our business very quickly, she understood how important our culture was, and she was able to give us a plan that was really actionable, and quickly actionable and it’s taken us to the whole next level of growth.

Her objective view was invaluable.  I would thoroughly recommend working with her."

Victoria Fox, CEO

M&C Saatchi Group / LIDA, London

Victoria Fox, CEO

M&C Saatchi Group / LIDA, London


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