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A value-packed, 60min live workshop
for service based business bosses to transform your profit-making prowess, and earn more, while working less, in 90 Days.

Do you feel like you’re working yourself into the ground, but still not making the kind of money you thought you would by now?

You’re a smart woman and amazing at what you do. 


So I know it bothers you that you can’t figure out how to bring in more $$$ with greater ease and a lot less hassle.


I want you to know, you’re definitely not alone. So many women I help feel this exact same way, especially coaches and creative & marketing experts.


The good news is your money making conundrum can be fixed! And that's exactly what I’m sharing in this workshop designed specifically for you!

Imagine having simple and practical steps to:

  • Stop giving your time and expertise away for free, and finally get paid for every hour you work.

  • Pay yourself a salary you're proud of every single month.

  • Know your value and build your confidence to charge what your services are truly worth.

  • Only work the hours you want, only doing the work you love.

  • Have the time & headspace for creative thinking, so you can deliver your best work every time.

  • Enjoy a calmer and less stressful, but more profitable, way of working

By the end of this workshop you’ll dance away with ideas to fill up your profit cup.

Including how to:


  • Stop giving your time away for free so you get paid for ALL the time you spend on client work (not just what the client sees - game changer!)

  • Create time and headspace to deliver your best work and results for your clients (keeping your well earned reputation intact!)

  • Say "No" with confidence so you get your evenings and weekends back (no more overdelivering and underselling for you!)

  • Focus on the right business numbers to hit your money goals faster (so you can stop stressing over those distracting vanity metrics!)

  • Learn the true value of your services so you can start to charge what they're worth

  • Earn more for Every. Single. Job you do, so you can finally make more bank each month.

And look. I get it. If you're still reading, you’re probably wondering “is this lady for real? Sounds too good to be true.” 

Let me be clear. There’s no smoke and mirrors here.

The online biz world is full of people proclaiming they can help you to "make more money", but most of the time their promises fall short.


The real proof that my knowledge and know-how actually works, is via the hundreds of women in biz that I’ve helped and guided through my 6 Step Profitable Pricing Process


Because they’ve made massive shifts in their business profitability and the lifestyle they live.



Claudia, “Working with Natalie is a massive game changer! Now I feel super happy, but more importantly, confident about my business and know I’ll be able to pay myself a regular income.” - Claudia - Health and Wellness


And Karyn, “Of all the courses I have paid for, this has by far benefited my business progression and will no doubt help me for many years to get my pricing right. Now I feel much more confident and convinced I can make this business work for me and my family.” - Karyn Campbell - Payroll Consult


And Jane, “I’m so glad I worked with Natalie! Now I feel more confident that I can make my business work on the hours I've got available!” - Jane McClurg - Blend Wellness


Just to name a few.

Are you ready to make more money with greater ease and            


Grab your tickets below.

Do you find yourself feeling:


Like the entrepreneurial “dream” hasn't quiiiite panned out as you hoped it would.

That instead of freedom and flexibility, you feel chained to your desk (or ahem, your mobile, or mobile!) 


That instead of money flowing in with abundance, you’re hustling hard and yet you’ve still hit a financial plateau.

Like you’re on a client/project treadmill, head down, just churning out the work with no breathing space or time to recharge your creative batteries.

Like pulling late nights, early mornings, and sacrificing time with loved ones at the weekends is now the norm…

If you said yes to any of those, then something’s gotta change, and pronto!

How To Earn More AND Work Less, In 90 Days

A live workshop with Natalie Coombe, Profit Coach & Pricing Expert.


Who: This is a special, tailored workshop for Creatives & Marketers, Business & Lifestyle Coaches.

Because how you do business and the challenges you face are different to other service businesses. 


When: Tuesday 6 September 2022
Time: 12:30pm NZT

Where: Online via Zoom


Investment: Just $47
(A total steal for the ROI you’ll get!)

How To Earn More AND Work Less - For Business & Lifestyle Coaches

A value-packed LIVE workshop for marketing experts and creative entrepreneurs who want to shake up their profit-making prowess, and earn more while working less.

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Where & When

07 Sept 2022, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm NZST

Online Event


  • For Biz & Lifestyle Coaches

    This session is designed specifically for Business and Lifestyle coaches and consultants.

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