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 3 Steps To

 Charge Your           


 So You Can Earn More Working Less! 


Discover 3 Simple Steps So You Can Charge What Your Services Are WorthMeaning You Can Start Earning More, Working Less Hours THIS Year.

With this 3 Day Live Training you'll get...

Live Trainings


Join me LIVE to learn these critical business strategies and get all your questions answered for FREE in our live Q&A & Hot Seat!

(Yes, replays will be available if you can't join us live)


Instant Access

Receive Instant Access to my powerful Money Mojo Session so you can break through one of the biggest money blockers and start paying yourself a decent salary this year.


Registration Bonus

Register for the FREE Training and get access to my Know Your Value Workbook so you can learn as you go, and keep coming back for more.

Meet Natalie Coombe, a trailblazing entrepreneur and one of New Zealand's Top Pricing & Profit Expert who knows all about balancing the demands of business and motherhood. 

With over 25 years of experience delivering results for top international companies such as M&C Saatchi LIDA and Mindshare Worldwide, as well as behind the scenes for big-name brands like Unilever, Dyson, and Nike, Natalie is an expert in helping women entrepreneurs nail their pricing and profits.


As a single mum by choice running a successful six-figure online business in just 3 days a week, Natalie understands the challenges of being a woman in business and is dedicated to helping other talented business owners do the same.

With her proven track record and her Nail Your Pricing™ program, Natalie will empower you to pay yourself what you're worth, doing what you love, and working the hours you want.


Join Natalie today in her mission to support women business owners everywhere in creating better lives for themselves and their loved ones!

Don't let fear and imposter syndrome (or the financial challenges of 2023!) stop you from having a profitable business 

Join now and let's overcome these challenges together

Get ready for confidence boosting

Training like no other!

"Charge what you're worth!"

Ever heard that and thought "Yeah, I'd love to but how??"


I'm here to teach you the 3 Steps to uncover the true value of your services so you can boost your confidence and start charging what they're worth! This is the basis of Value-Based Pricing which enables you to earn way more, working way less!


And I'm going to be teaching you all this (and more!) in my 3 Day Live Training To Know Your Value starting Monday 4th September.


This 3 day live training is designed specifically for talented service based business owners like you who are tired of underselling yourself and working around the clock for those "gold-standard" $10k months!


You want to earn more, working less hours so you're not so darn stressed and can spend more time chilling with your loved ones rather than feeling like a slave to your clients and your biz.

The cost of living crisis and the constantly rising costs have got you rattled about raising your prices.

But I'm here to show you how to charge what your services are truly worth AND have clients saying 'Yes", even when times are tough.

These 3 Steps will help you:


  • Make sales come easier because you can now effectively communicate the true value of your services so it becomes a "no brainer" for your ideal client

  • Start charging more for your highly valuable services with confidence, meaning you can earn more, working way less hours.

  • Stop pricing out of fear and insecurity, and instead price with confidence because you truly understand the huge value you bring to your clients businesses and lives.

  • Earn more in difficult times without having to discount your prices, meaning more money for YOU.


By the end of this 3 Day Training, you'll feel more confident about the year ahead and have practical, easy to implement strategies that will get more money in your bank account faster!

Oh! And it's completely FREE!


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and let's get 2023 and your confidence on track!

Here are the  top benefits  you'll enjoy after participating in this free training, imagine...

Uncovering the true impact and value of your offerings, giving you an unstoppable surge of confidence. Get ready to leave a lasting impression on clients who can't help but be blown away!

Discovering your ideal clients who can afford your services, even during tough times. They're out there, ready to invest in you and your incredible offerings!

Putting an actual dollar figure on your services, so you can finally charge what your services are truly worth! No more settling for less. It's time to claim your worth, my friend!

Gaining the skills to effortlessly articulate the benefits and value of your services, leaving clients eager to work with you. Your persuasive powers will be unstoppable!

Embarking on an exciting journey towards Value-Based Pricing, the most powerful method to earn more while working less. Say goodbye to the old grind and hello to a life of abundance and freedom! 💼💸

Feeling more confident, motivated and empowered to make 2023 a financial success

Don't let doubt, fear or insecurity (or the cost of living crises) stop you from building a profitable business! Join now and let's overcome these challenges together.

Here’s what my Nail Your Pricing clients have to say after using these strategies:


“I don't second guess myself when I send a quote off to somebody. Now I KNOW I am worth every cent. And that is priceless.” - Sel Leigh - Leigh Development

“Nail Your Pricing has given me the confidence to charge what my services are actually worth, not what I think people can afford to pay.” - Gemma Knight - Gemma Knight Writes

Gemma Knight - Profile.png

“Thanks for giving me the confidence to believe in myself and my services. I now feel so confident and clear on what I need to be charging and why.” - Leeann Basset - FaceUp Now

Don't wait, sign up now! This is the only time I'm offering this 3 Day Training live

You don't want to miss out on the opportunity to start charging what you're to worth this year.

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