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Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Pricing In 3 Simple Steps!



on taking a leap of faith in yourself and starting your own business!

The fact that you’ve taken action to get started, already makes you part of the elite 1% who actually DO something about making their dreams a reality, and that is amazing!


Now it's time for the nitty gritty stuff - figuring out what to charge!


For many business owners, trying to figure out what to charge for your services is where the wheels start to fall off.


In fact many business owners hold back on putting their offers out there because they just don't know how to price it - but you can’t start a business without clients!


And even when you do start to get clients, just because your business is “making money”, doesn’t mean that YOU are!


Whether you need your business to support yourself financially…


Or you just want more money on the side to supplement your family income…


You need to have money left over in the bank account in order to pay YOU!


And that’s where pricing right makes all the difference!

Are you...

  • Just starting out and determined to earn a living from your biz, but with so much to learn you just don't know where to start?

  • Not a “numbers person” and feel like spreadsheets are a foreign language, but know you need to do SOMETHING?

  • Guessing at your pricing, just making numbers up and then second-guessing yourself when you send them to the client?

  • Wondering and doubting how on earth this business is ever going to make enough money to pay all your bills, let alone yourself?

  • Afraid to make investments in your biz because you feel like you just can't afford it?

  • Working your arse off, and sacrificing so much of your time, but just not seeing the financial reward for it?

If you answered "YES" to any of those then

Profitable Pricing For Startups is for YOU!


Together we will take the guesswork out of your pricing so you can invest in your biz and still have plenty of money left over for YOU.


Ultimately this will set you up to grow a profitable, successful business doing what you love, only working the hours you want!


Just Imagine...

​Going from...

  • Avoiding your numbers like the plague... to feeling confident and in control of your business and your numbers. 

  • Dragging your heels and sabotaging a sale to avoid having to give a price… to saying “boom! Here it is!” and landing the deal with confidence

  • Checking out the completion and doubting yourself… to owning YOUR numbers so you can focus on doing what YOU do best and growing your biz

  • Having to do everything DIY because you feel like you can’t afford to invest… to having all the support and tools and resources you need, fully paid for by the business (and with money left over for you!) 

  • Setting arbitrary revenue targets and hoping one day there’ll be some money left over… to setting smart targets that will leave more money in your bank account every single month. 

  • From doubting and worrying your business won’t make any real money… to feeling excited and motivated because as your client list grows you can see just how much money YOU will make!

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This programme feels life-changing. I have taken on two new clients using my profitable charge out rate.  It's so freeing to be earning MORE money for doing the same amount of work.

I wish I had taken this course when I had only just started my business - it would have saved me a lot of stress and I could have earned more too!”

Megan Hallier - Just Peachy Digital

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Here's what you'll learn...






After completing these 3 simple steps you will:

Have the answer for the age-old question of, "what do I actually need to charge (and earn) for my time in order to be profitable, and have enough money left over for me?"

Get really clear on what success means for you, so you become intentional about designing your business around the lifestyle you want, which is why you got into business for in the first place . 

Understand what tools, resources and support you need to make your business and lifestyle vision a reality, meaning you can stop throwing your money at whatever the latest “must have” is, and focus on where it really counts!

Feel confident in investing in your business because you have a budget so you can afford them without having to pay for them out of your savings, go into debt, or sacrifice your earnings. . 

Learn how to set revenue targets that means money left over your you every single month,, instead of picking a number that sounds right but doesn’t actually get you the results you want

I used to hate looking at numbers, but having a business budget is a game changer!  I now use your spreadsheets all the time. Honestly, this is one of the best purchases I've made for my business!

Sally Tudhope - Sally Tudhope Creative

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Profitable Pricing For Startups™ is a self-guided, online learning experience.


Through a series of interactive virtual trainings and my proven plug & play tools, you will walk through my 3 Steps for Profitable Pricing For Startups and take the guesswork out of your pricing.


You will have access to support directly from me, to answer any questions you may have and so I can help you make your goals a reality.


For each of the 3 steps there will be about half an hour of "bite-sized" online training to watch, and around 45 minutes of activity to do as you work through each steps.


You could easily work through all 3 steps in one sitting, however I recommend my clients aim to work through at least 1 step a week. 


However the programme is designed to go at your own pace based on your workload and capacity.


Picture this...


All of this is designed to take you from...

  • Worrying and second-guessing yourself about what you should be charging.

  • Wondering and doubting how the heck are you supposed to make this business make enough money for YOU.

  • Afraid to make the investments you need because you feel like you can’t afford it. 

  • And ultimately from working your arse off, and sacrificing so much, for years, but never seeing the financial reward for it

To a place where you will...

  • Take the guesswork and the doubt out of your pricing, so you can begin your journey to charging what you’re worth

  • Feel confident in investing in the right tools and resources so you can make your biz a success, because you know you can afford them

  • Be really clear on where you need to get to pricing-wise for this business to be profitable enabling you can start taking the steps you need to get there.


So you can go on to build a profitable, successful business, doing what you love, only working the hours you want, right from the start!


I was able to charge what I was worth from the beginning, thanks to doing this work"

Rebekah Holmes - The Ship Shape Shoppe

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Ready to take the guesswork out of YOUR pricing

in 3 simple steps?

Sign up Today!

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Sign up NOW so you can start building a successful, profitable business doing what you love TODAY!

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Choose the Payment Plan That Works Best For You

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Three Monthly Payments of

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Need Help or Have Questions?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the best decision for you and your business.


Here's how this works...

If you make only  $200 more a month,  this has paid for itself in just 3 months.

If you make an extra  $600 a month , then you’ve made your money back in a matter of weeks!


Now I feel in control of the money stuff in my business which is huge for me. It's invaluable really, I wish I'd found you earlier!!!"

Michelle Sokolich - Show & Tell

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The 3 Simple Steps

Step 4 - Value It

Discover The True Value Of Your Services

By the end of this step you will truly understand and believe in the value of the services you provide, giving you the courage and confidence to charge what you’re worth.

“Nailing my pricing has meant that I have found my confidence in myself, and that is priceless”

- Sel

Step 1 - Vision It

By the end of this step you'll have defined the business and lifestyle you WANT to have so you can create a clear action plan to make your dreams come true.

“I got my money’s worth already from just one realisation in the first week! I now realise the value of my time which is life changing.”

- Louise

Setting Your Lifestyle & Business Vision

Step 5 - Package It

Define Profitable Packages Your Client Love & Can Afford

As a result of this exercise you will have redefined and streamlined the way you deliver to better meet your clients needs while creating profitable offers they can actually afford, helping you scale quickly.

"Pricing with packages is so much easier AND I make more money!"

- Lou

Step 2 - Budget It

Create Your Super Easy Future Facing Business Budget

As a results of this activity you’ll be able to afford to invest in all the tools and resources your business needs to be a success, without having to sacrifice your salary (or your savings) in the process.

“Yay! I used to hate looking at numbers, but having a business budget is a game changer!”

- Sally

Step 6 - Plan It

Develop Your Own 12 Month Pricing Strategy

As a result of this activity you’ll be crystal clear on your offerings, prices and your sales targets, taking the guess-work out of making a profit all while only working the hours you want!

"Natalie's approach is really structured and clear - now I know how to scale."

- Rebekah

Step 3 - Charge It

Calculate Your Healthy Charge Out Rate

As a result you’ll know exactly what you need to be charging (or earning) per hour so you can pay all your bills, AND your salary, only working the hours you want, taking the guess-work out of your pricing.

“Now I know exactly what i need to be charging in order to pay myself the salary I deserve for it all to be worth it.”

- Louise

Frequently asked questions

I’m so busy, I’m not sure I’ll have enough time. What’s the time commitment?

I understand what it’s like when you’re so busy you barely have time to stop and think! But staying in that place is a recipe for burn out! And no business can grow from burnout. So at some point you need to break the cycle. Most of my clients have said they wished they’d done this work earlier! When you get your pricing right, not only do you make more money, but you also get more time back for you, AND have the funds to start to outsource, again freeing you up. Nothing is going to change until you do something different. So The sooner you get your pricing right the sooner you’ll get your life back.

I have a small team working for me, will this help me price up them as well?

Profitable Pricing For Startups is designed specifically for solopreneurs - aka where YOU are the main income earner for your biz. If you already have, or are building a team of people to help deliver your services then you need my 1:1 Profit Intensive For Small Businesses. This is where we will price up each of your team members so they are generating reliable, repeatable profit meaning YOU can stop working on client work and focus on managing your team and growing your biz. Book in a time here to check if this is right for you.

I haven’t started my business yet, can I still join?

Absolutely! Getting your business planning right from the beginning can save you a lot of time, money and energy! Plus the tools and the skills you’ll learn will set you up for every phase of your business journey.

I’ve been in business for several years now, is this still for me?

100%! The sooner you get your pricing sorted the sooner you’ll be making more money for YOU! For businesses on track for $10k+ months, you’re ready for the next level. Check out my Nail Your Profit which is designed for businesses like yours, so you can build a successful, profitable business, doing what you love, only working the hours you want!

I have a product based business. Can I use this to work out my pricing?

Profitable Pricing For Startups is designed specifically for service based businesses - businesses selling their time or their expertise (or both). Unfortunately, pricing for product-based businesses works differently to that of services, and isn’t covered by Profitable Pricing For Startups.

I’m just starting out and not making much money. Will I make my money back on this investment?

First of all I love that you’re asking this question! That says so much about you and your determination to make this business a success! And while nothing is guaranteed, I know once you start using what you learn in this course, you will be making more every month! Look at it this way, if you make just $200 extra a month you’ll have made your money back within 3 months. If you make an extra $600 a month, then you’ve made your money back in a matter of weeks. After that, everything else is extra from you!

I’m really keen to learn how to create packages. Will this teach me how to do that?

What you’ll learn in Profitable Pricing For Startups is the basis for creating more profitable packages, because using a profitable charge out rate is one of the key components. However we cover how to create profitable packages more clients can afford in depth in my Nail Your Profit experience. Book in a time here to talk about if this is right for you.

The biggest difference was creating my charge-out rate. Having these calculators has given me confidence that I'm now heading in the right direction to paying myself a healthy salary.

Ann Jay - Relationship Coach

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