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Maxed out with work?

But still struggling to pay yourself the money you want?



Discover your true value so you have the courage to charge what you're worth

Nail your pricing so you can stop second-guessing yourself and send quotes with confidence.

Create a robust action plan to make your goal salary a reality in less than 12 months!

You love what you do...

But why does it have to be so darn hard
to make the money you expected?!


You love making a difference in the world, and you love what you do.  But you also want to create a life that works for you and your loved ones.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a:

  • Business Coach empowering your clients to go out there and smash it

  • Life Coach helping people to overcome their fears and create the life of their dreams

  • Social Media Expert enabling business owners to get their message out there where it counts

  • Interior Designer making homes the soulful haven their owners always wished for

  • Sleep Consultant giving parents back their sleep and their sanity

  • Designer turning ideas into pixel perfection on the page

  • Fitness Coach changing lives not just waistlines

  • Photographer capturing and keeping key moments in time

  • Copywriter turning a ramble into converting copy that sells

You got into your business because you love what you do and you want to make a difference.


But you need this business to WORK, not just for your clients, but for yourself and your loved ones as well.


And yet somehow, the harder you work, and the more clients you get, the more overwhelmed and stressed you feel.


This was NOT how it was supposed to be!


But believe me when I tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Just Imagine...

  • Getting your evenings and your weekends back to spend doing what you love with the ones you love.

  • Having money in abundance to spend on whatever you want (not just the bills or the kids school fees).

  • Only working the hours you want so you can have a life outside the home office, whether that’s being there for the kids after school, getting back into the gym or traveling the world.

  • Truly believing in the value you bring to your clients lives so you have the courage to charge what you're worth.

  • Feeling excited and motivated about the year ahead, confident it will be the success you always wished it would be.

Isn't that the


But it doesn’t have to be just a dreamIt can be your reality!


It just feels like there’s a piece of the puzzle missing that’s stopping you.


You want someone who’s built their own successful business, and who understands the very real challenges women in business face and can help YOU overcome them too!


It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and are determined to make this business a success, or…


If you’ve been running your business for years and it’s time to take it to the next level...

is for you!


Picture this...

  • Being on track to quadruple your earnings while working less than half the time.

  • Increasing your personal salary by 30% by making just one small change.

  • Consistently paying yourself a decent salary every month to spend on whatever you want.

  • Getting your evenings and weekends back to spend doing what you love with the people you love.

  • Putting your prices on your website or social media without fear or doubt.

  • Feeling motivated and excited about the year ahead because you can see how you're going to make real money with burning out.

That's what my clients have achieved

And that's what is waiting for you inside

Nail Your Pricing 


Nail Your Pricing is the 6 Step Profitable Pricing Process that will teach you how to create reliable, repeatable profit in your business.


Working together through the 6 steps over 6 weeks you will craft your own reliable pricing strategy so you can pay yourself what you’re worth, only working the hours you want.


Each step builds on the one before, so you build up your knowledge and your pricing without all the overwhelm.


And because it’s YOU doing the work, you will have these skills for life - no matter what shape your business takes in the future.


I’ve paid myself more in the last 12 months since doing this work, than in the last 3 years COMBINED, and while working less hours! I’m forever grateful.

Candice Baker,

The Marketing Baker

Candice Baker profile.jpg

After just 3 months my earnings are on track for a 400% increase while working only 4 hrs a day - less than HALF what I was before! This is a life changer!

Sel Leigh

Leigh Development


I’ve increased my salary by 30% just from making one small change, and without increasing my prices! I now know I can provide for my family with just my business.

Kim Garside

All Smilez Art

Kim profile face.jpg


The Profitable Pricing Process


Step 1 - Vision It

By the end of this step you'll have defined the business and lifestyle you WANT to have so you can create a clear action plan to make your dreams come true.

“I got my money’s worth already from just one realisation in the first week! I now realise the value of my time which is life changing.”

- Louise

Setting Your Lifestyle & Business Vision

Step 2 - Budget It

As a results of this activity you’ll be able to afford to invest in all the tools and resources your business needs to be a success, without having to sacrifice your salary (or your savings) in the process.

“Yay! I used to hate looking at numbers, but having a business budget is a game changer!”

- Sally

Create Your Super Easy Future Facing Business Budget

Step 3 - Charge It

As a result you’ll know exactly what you need to be charging (or earning) per hour so you can pay all your bills, AND your salary, only working the hours you want, taking the guess-work out of your pricing.

“Now I know exactly what i need to be charging in order to pay myself the salary I deserve for it all to be worth it.”

- Louise

Calculate Your Healthy Charge Out Rate

By the end of this step you will truly understand and believe in the value of the services you provide, giving you the courage and confidence to charge what you’re worth.

“Nailing my pricing has meant that I have found my confidence in myself, and that is priceless”

- Sel

Step 4 - Value It

Discover The True Value Of Your Services

Step 5 - Package It

Define Profitable Packages Your Client Love & Can Afford

As a result of this exercise you will have redefined and streamlined the way you deliver to better meet your clients needs while creating profitable offers they can actually afford, helping you scale quickly.

"Pricing with packages is so much easier AND I make more money!"

- Lou

Step 6 - Plan It

Develop Your Own 12 Month Pricing Strategy

As a result of this activity you’ll be crystal clear on your offerings, prices and your sales targets, taking the guess-work out of making a profit all while only working the hours you want!

"Natalie's approach is really structured and clear - now I know how to scale."

- Rebekah

isn't just another online programme

- we'll be doing this work together!


That means you don't have to have all the answers yourself - I'm here to help - giving YOU the confidence your financial foundation is rock solid!

Every business owners should do this programme!

- Candice Baker, Collectively NZ


Support & Accountability

Learning new skills and concepts can be tough - especially when it comes to numbers and finance!


That’s why Nail Your Pricing includes 12 months of ongoing support in our exclusive community so you get the support and accountability you need to get the work done!




There is real power and confidence that comes from having an expert review your work so you can be confident you're financial foundation is rock solid!


This is why I also include 6 x weekly Q&A sessions to get all your questions answered, as well as receive personal feedback on every activity you do! 


7 Proven Pricing Tools & Activities

You receive any time access to my proven pricing tools and activities I’ve spent 20 years developing to take the guesswork out of your pricing


Many of my clients are self-confessed "number-phobes" and used to feel ill at the thought of a spreadsheet!  And yet even they learned to love these pricing tools because they’re so easy to use.


6 Fortnightly

Check Ins

Like most business owners you’re probably having to do 101 different things so it’s easy to get distracted by the “urgent” stuff and forget about the “important” stuff.


To ensure you stay focused on the work that will really make a difference I include 6 Weekly Check-in emails to help you stay on track.

 "I recon I made at least 

 another $20k from 

 this programme!" 

- Louise Blakely, Hooked On Marketing

Pay yourself what you’re worth

doing what you love,

only working the hours you want!

Enroll Today!

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Get Started Now!

 Doors Close For Last Time For   2022 on Saturday 19th March 

Choose the Nail Your Pricing Plan That Works Best For You

    BEST VALUE    

One Payment of


(excl GST/Tax)


13 Weekly Installments of just


(excl GST/Tax)

Need Help or Have Questions?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the best decision for you and your business.

2021 Enrol

Nail Your Pricing

Gets Results!

Lynda profile image.jpg

I've been able to pay myself for the first time ever. This is a real game changer!

I now feel so confident and clear on what I need to be charging and why


Leeann Bassett

Face Up Now

Lynda Fulton

Food Safety NZ

Sel Leigh

Leigh Development

I've BLITZED my next 3 Qtr targets already! And with so much less effort required!

emma baker profile.png

This was exactly what I needed to refine my processes and my pricing

My pricing is now on point and with all the number crunching behind it!


Rebekah Holmes

The Ship Shape Shoppe

Emma Baker

Emma Baker Photography

Candice Baker

The Marketing Baker

I’ve reclaimed three weekends since starting this programme - that in itself is massive!

Candice Baker profile.jpg
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