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Workload Planner
To Save Your Time and Your Sanity!

This tool makes it super quick and easy to:

  • Know how much spare capacity you've got coming up so you can start filling it sooner to maximise your revenue (aka make more money!).

  • See which weeks you're super busy in advance so can move things around so you don't end up over worked

  • Make sure your holidays and downtime are actually planned for so you can finally take them off!

  • Check that your revenue expectations match your capacity so you set yourself up to succeed!

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"Before using your Workload Planner I just had a rising sense of panic due to all the work we had going on.  Now this tool is like the heart and soul of our business!"

Rose & Hailey - The Creatives

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As a business owner myself, I know how freaking hard it is to balance our workloads.

We want to say 'Yes' to work, but then we end up being overwhelmed and exhausted by having too much to do.

Saying "sure I can do that next week" when you're already fully booked.

Being up till 3am finishing stuff off

Dropping the ball on things because you just ran out of time to get them all done!

Learning how to better manage your workload so you're not slammed with work one week, then twiddling our thumbs the next, and knowing when you can take on more work is a really important part of creating a healthy business.

This process of predicting and managing your workload is called Capacity Planning.

I've been doing capacity planning for over 20 years now and it makes a massive difference to reducing how stressed and overwhelmed you feel.

And means clients get better results cos you actually have more time to do great work!

While there are lots of apps and software out there that can help you with capacity planning, personally I've always ended up just creating a spreadsheet to manage it as it's easy to use, super flexible and FREE!

However, I know very few people have the time or headspace to create one for themselves.

So to save you having to create your own I'm sharing mine with you!

This is a streamlined version of the one I've created for myself to make it super quick and easy for you to see:

  • How much work you've got coming up and when

  • Which weeks you're super busy so you have a chance to move things around in advance so you're not so stressed

  • When you can take on that next project or start with your next client without over-working yourself

  • And to check that your revenue expectations actually match your capacity.

This has been an absolute lifesaver for me, not just to better manage my workload but also to give me the confidence to take on MORE clients, knowing I won't get burnt out by it.


I've also never shared this personal tool before, so I'm excited for you guys to get access to it.

So grab your copy TODAY

If you want a sneak peak watch a quick walk through below. 

Grab Your FREE
Workload Planner
To Save Your Time and Your Sanity!

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