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 Cashflow Management 


So You Have More Cash In The Bank When You Need It!

 Wednesday 1st May 2024

 12pm NZT / 10am AEST

A value-packed, 90min live masterclass and Q&A for service based business bosses, including Creatives & Marketers, Consultants & Strategists, Business and Lifestyle Coaches


You're going to learn 5 simple ways to better manage your cashflow so you have more than enough cash in the bank when you need it, easing your stress-levels and financial worries.

I’ll be sharing really practical strategies you can apply straight away, as well as my own real-life experience with cashflow woes and how I kept paying myself a six-figure salary despite it.


All designed to encourage, inform and inspire you to take real action fast, be able to pay all your bills on time and still have more than money for YOU!

Because you are WORTH it!

Come along to this live Cashflow Mastery Workshop  where I'll be working you through...

  • 3 simple steps to ease your cashflow woes so you’re no longer living invoice to invoice and have more cash in the bank when you need it.

  • How to keep paying yourself regularly, even when revenue is inconsistent (like Kate, who went from just transferring money here and there, to paying herself a reliable salary every single month)

  • How cash flows through a biz so you feel more capable, and in control of your numbers and can focus on those actions that truly move the dial (like Sally, who used to hate looking at numbers, but this technique was a game changer and she now feels "more grown up")


  • One simple action that will protect yourself and your biz from another downturn, so you can keep paying the bills even when revenue drops (or stops) (like myself, who used this method last year to keep paying myself my six-figure salary even when revenue slumped)

  • 4 Ways to keep the revenue rolling in, especially in difficult times, without discounting your prices (Like Treena, who learned this trick and no longer felt like giving discounts)

Time to stop the cashflow woes and have more than enough cash in the bank when you need it!

In my live workshop I'll walk you through these simple methods myself and my clients use, so you walk away with clear action plan to have more money, fast.

Spaces are super limited so grab your spot today below 👇

And look. I get it. If you're still reading, you’re probably wondering “is this lady for real? Sounds too good to be true.” 


Let me be clear. There’s no smoke and mirrors here.

The online biz world is full of people proclaiming they can help you to "make more money", but most of the time their promises fall short.


The real proof that my knowledge and know-how actually works, is via the hundreds of women in biz that I’ve helped and guided through my 6 Step Profitable Pricing Process


Because they’ve made massive shifts in their business profitability and the lifestyle they live.


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Claudia, Working with Natalie is a massive game changer! Now I feel super happy, but more importantly, confident about my business and know I’ll be able to pay myself a regular income.” - Claudia - Health and Wellness

And Karyn, Of all the courses I have paid for, this has by far benefited my business progression. Now I feel much more confident and convinced I can make this business work for me and my family.” - Karyn Campbell - Payroll Consult

Karyn Campbell profile 1.jpg

And Jane, I’m so glad I worked with Natalie! Now I feel more confident that I can make my business work on the hours I've got available!” - Jane McClurg - Blend Wellness

Just to name a few.

Are you ready to make more money with greater ease and            


Cashflow Management Mastery

A live workshop with Natalie Coombe, one of New Zealand's Top Profit Coach & Pricing Expert.


Who: This is a tailored workshop for Service Based Business Owners, including Creatives & Marketers, Consultants & Strategists, Business and Lifestyle Coaches.

When: Wednesday 1st May 2024
Time: 12:00pm NZT / 10am AEST  / 5pm PDT
(Tue 30 May)

Where: Online via Zoom (Yes! There will be a replay)

InvestmentJust $87

Grab Your Seat Now!

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