5 Effective Methods To Scale Your Business

“Scaling” can feel like a bit of a buzzword.

You hear it all the time when experts discuss business growth.

But, what does it actually mean?

SCALING is where you grow the business beyond the limitations of your own capacity.

Typically, in a service business, there will be a maximum number of hours you can work and a maximum amount you can charge for your time.

Combine these two things and you create a CAP on what you can earn. You can’t physically work any harder and you don’t feel you can charge any more for your time - so you MAX OUT.

Once you reach this point, you can either accept that you have reached your limits (yeah right!) or use an effective method to scale your business.

Fortunately, thanks to technology, there’s now a whole range of scaling options available to us as business owners.

Let’s go through the 5 key methods for effective scaling so you can find the ones that FIT BEST with how you want to work.