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Testimonial - Kellie | Released

Here's how Kellie from Released, grew her VA biz from just a handful of contractors and low pay, to a top award-winning VA Agency, with a solid, amazing team, quadrupling her revenue, while also increasing her profit by over 500%, in less than two years. Here's what she had to say...

"Hi guys, it's Kellie here from Released and I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about my experience of working with the amazingly talented Natalie Coombe.

Now, I approached Nat probably about two years ago to work with her on nailing my pricing.

It was a time that Released was going through some quite amazing growth periods. We had a glorious mixture of old clients on old rates, newer clients on slightly higher rates, we had subcontractors, we had employees, and I was struggling to really make sense of what I was supposed to be charging and who I was supposed to be charging it to.

So, I reached out to Nat to do her Nail Your Pricing programme. From there, I went on and did her Company Rate Card.

"This here was a real game changer for my business.

The ability to be able to plug my team members into the spreadsheet to be able to toggle what I was currently paying them. I wanted to be able to know how much to pay them and what I was actually investing into them for little bits and pieces, like what I would spend on them for a birthday gift, or how much we might set aside for a Christmas party.

Being able to factor all of those expenses and toggle the various levers within Nat's amazing spreadsheets, got me to an end result of being able to work out what I wanted to pay myself, the game plan for being able to pay myself that much money, and how much I needed to either increase my prices, to be able to pay myself and the team members what I wanted to be able to pay them, or to reconfigure the way we priced some of our things.

[The Company Rate Card] got me able to work out what I wanted to pay myself, [and] the game plan for being able to pay myself that much money

So if we fast forward two years, the business is now at a size where it's gone from a mixture of subcontractors and a couple of employees through to a base team of employees, and a much bigger subcontractor team.

We are hitting our financial goals, and I've been able to get to the point where I am this close to being able to pay myself what I want to be able to pay myself and it was a pretty big, hairy audacious goal that I set!

"So I attribute an awful lot of that to the fact that Nat gave me the confidence to be able to go out there and tell people, this is what I'm worth.

As well as knowing that this is what I would like to be paid for the services that I'm offering, but also to reconfigure the services we were doing on a charge app or an hourly rate and what that alley needed to look like.

Nat also helped me bundle our service packages and really value-base our pricing, which basically means that the faster that we can deliver those efficiently and well, the better my profit margins on those packages are going to be.

Working with Nat has given me an amazing understanding of my finances.

It was at a time in my business when I didn't have a great accountant, which I've also now solved. Having those two things together has been really, really valuable for my business.

I would recommend that if you are in a space where your business is getting ready to grow and scale, and you want to have that absolute assurance that what you are charging your clients is not based on what you've seen on a competitor's website, or what you feel you might be worth etc because I can 99% guarantee that both of those figures are probably wrong for your business.

So get in touch with Nat, get on a call, get your pricing nailed, and I can guarantee you that you will not look back from this decision. Thanks so much

Kellie | Released


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