How To Hold Healthy Boundaries In Your Business


We all talk about them. We know we should have them. We even get angry if someone crosses one of the boundaries we have set for ourselves.

But, when it comes to enforcing them in our business, logic seems to disappear out the window.

We can all agree that having healthy boundaries is super important in business, just as it is in life.

However having a boundary is only useful if you actually uphold it! Otherwise it just becomes a source of anger and frustration.

Making your boundaries known is a vital step in the equation.

If people don't know what your boundaries are, how can you expect someone to respect them?

So, let’s look into how you can define what your boundaries are, as well as the best way to enforce and uphold them.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

When I talk about setting boundaries in your business, the process doesn’t have to involve an official rule book that you follow to a tee. It is more about creating a balance between what you want your worklife to look lik