How To Stop Giving Your Time And Your Value Away

There’s a popular recipe that sees many women in business giving away their time and value for free - or even giving up on their business entirely.

It begins with a genuine desire to help and serve your clients.

You love your work and you want to do right by the people you serve, even when it means staying up late, taking on too much or accepting unrealistic deadlines.

Then you throw in limited working hours.

Many women in biz are also primary caregivers. You may be trying to run your business in school or daycare hours. That means in real terms you’ve got 15 to 25 hours per week MAX!

And that’s to do EVERYTHING - sales, marketing, client delivery, product development, business development, content creation, networking, training, admin, etc, etc, etc.

Then top it off with a tendency to undervalue yourself and your work.

As women, when something comes naturally to us, it's so easy to assume it just can't be worth much - because you know, anything of value should be hard!

And it feels awkward and uncomfortable to say we’re worth “X”. So many women feel they need to compensate for their own perceived lack of value with lower pricing.