1 Easy Trick To Save Your Reputation And Your Profit

How To Save Your Reputation And Your Profit

Do you have clients who change the brief and end up doubling the amount of work you have to do (but not what they pay)?!

Does that one page flyer design end up being 5 sheets of A4...?

Does that simple website end up being a 30 page novel?

Or maybe you've had that 'quick' photoshoot job with three different locations and outfit changes?

Or that one hour coaching call (with three hours of Facebook messages!)

Yet despite all this extra work, you're not actually getting paid any more than you were before.

This frustrating and expensive phenomena is called 'Scope Creep'.

And is something almost every service based business will experience.

Often when it happens people feel really uncomfortable and awkward saying "sorry, that's extra" to the client.