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Are You Protecting Your Most Precious Commodity...?

Time Is Your Most Precious Commodity | Natalie Coombe | Women Entrepreneurs

When someone starts talking about your most precious commodity, what do you think it is...?

Your Money?

Your Intelligence?

Your Health?

Your Time?

I've heard many people argue for most of those over the years. But when I comes down to it, there's really only one clear winner...

Time. Time is our most precious commodity.

It's the only thing that once it's gone, you can truly never get it back.

And we are only ever given a finite amount of it.

Only so many hours in the day, days in a year, years in our lives.

And there's so much demand in it.

So much to do.

Making priority calls all the time.

Having to choose between multiple, often conflicting, critically important things.

Constantly striving and struggling to find the right 'balance'

between family life and work.

And it's hard right?

Hard to manage.

We don't always get it right. We only seem to get it right fleetingly, and then it's off and the guilt sets in.

Guilt we should be doing more, achieving more in our business.

Guilt we're not there enough for our kids, our family, our friends.

Guilt we're not looking after ourselves and we're gonna burn out.

But here's the thing: "Balance" isn't about constantly maintaining the perfect middle ground.

It's fecking exhausting just thinking about that!

Instead, balance is like the pendulum of a ticking clock.

Understanding when the pendulum has swung too far towards one extreme, learning to adjust and course correct, before it gets too far out of whack.

Balance is the healthy range between your extremes.

Always in constant motion, but always bringing it back to center.

Sometimes when I work with people, the most important thing I can give them is time.

Not mine.


To get back time in their day.

Time to be with their family

Time to be with their friends

Time to re-energise

And breathe.

To go from being stuck on the treadmill of overwork, overwhelm and underpaid to calm, confident and in control.

That's life changing.

That's why I love this feedback from Candice Baker.

"I have reclaimed three weekends since [working with you] - that in itself is massive - total mindset shift! So thank you, a million times thank you!"

This amazingly talented, dedicated woman was working every spare hour she had - evening and weekends.

Feeling the guilt and the fear of not being their for her family.

Stuck on the treadmill of overwork and overwhelm.

Wondering just how much longer she could keep going before she burned out.

Until she learned the value of her time.

And what she could do about protecting it.

Because sometimes it's not about the money.

Sometimes it's about the time.

I'd love to hear from you!

Are you struggling to find the right 'balance'?

What do you struggle to find time for that you'd love to change?

What tips or tricks have you tried that you found helpful?

Please share how you have found managing the 'balance' of how you spend your time in the COMMENTS below. We'd love to hear.


Ready to go from stuck on the hamster wheel of overwhelm, overwork and under paid to calm, confident, and paying yourself what you're worth...?


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