3 Steps To Scaling Without Breaking

For many successful solopreneurs and startups, the biggest challenge isn't how to get more work, but rather how to keep delivering the ever-growing workload without burning out.

Few businesses can afford to jump from one to many in a single leap. Many get caught in the difficult trap of having more work than they can comfortably manage themselves but not quite enough to take on another person.

Trying to find a way to bridge that gap without causing damage to themselves or their business can seem an overwhelming task.

Most people fall into one of two categories...

Just work harder. For many of us we’ve been told most of our lives to just ‘work harder’, conditioned to believe working long hours and making personal sacrifices is all part of the game and the only real way to succeed.

So for many the default response to this business success is to just work harder, for longer, more often, and hope that one day you’ll get that big break that means you can bring someone else onboard and finally take a step back.

However, the reality is there's simply a limit to how many hours a day you can work without burning out. While ‘just work harder, for longer’ can be maintained for a short time, is not a sustainable business model. The toll it takes on your mental, emotional and physical well being, as well your friends and family can be huge. And if you're suffering, your clients and your business will be suffering as well.

Cut Back. For others, when presented with this burnout situa