The Great Agency Myth - Why there is no such thing as 'no process'

Agency Myth #3: We Don't Need Process

We need to talk about the ‘P’ word. A word as often resisted and feared as it is laughed at and ignored. That's right, we need to talk about Process.

So often when I've gone into a business, whether it be 20 people or 200, the idea of implementing process is met with some form of derision.

...I hate Process

...It stifles creativity/innovation/agility/insert latest buzz word here.

...It just bogs you down in red tape

...No one ever follows it anyway

And I agree with them. Poorly, or not thought out, process can absolutely do all that.

(Interestingly, it's most often from the more senior people, those that are used to giving the instructions rather than following them, that seem to have the greatest aversion to having an ‘official’ process - especially if it means they may have to follow it. Yes, I'm looking at you!)

But having ‘no process’ brings with it its own problems.