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The 3 Things You Need To Charge What You're Worth

I wish I had the confidence to charge what I'm worth.

Said basically every entrepreneur ever.

Because that's the goal, right?

To charge what you're worth.

To be valued and rewarded for what you do.

To make this business a success, both for you and your family.

But how the feck are you supposed to charge what you're worth???

I had to figure this one out too.

For me, having the confidence to charge what you're worth comes down to three things:

1. Knowing Your Numbers

2. Knowing Your Value

3. Knowing How To Sell

And here's why...

#1. Know Your Numbers

There's nothing quite like knowing whether you'll be making money or losing money to incentivise you to charge the right price.

Knowing exactly what you need to be charging to pay all your bills AND your salary is crucial to putting the right price tag on your services.

Because if you don't know your numbers everything is guesswork, a shot in the dark each time.

And it's hard to keep your confidence up if you don't actually know what difference it's gonna make to your bank balance and your life goals!

#2. Know Your Value

To charge what you're worth, you first have to know what you're worth.

So often we look at ourselves and our value from OUR perspective.

Seeing everything we do wrong and everything we are not.

We price out of fear and insecurities.

Why would someone pay that much for me?

But when you truly understand not just your value but the value of the change you help your clients make, its takes the personal OUT of the equation.

It's no longer about you.

It's about the change, and how much that is worth to your clients.

And THAT is empowering!

#3. Know How To Sell

This is always an interesting one for someone who doesn't actually teach sales.

But I can't miss it out.

We all need this skill.

And it IS a skill.

Learning how to communicate, how to overcome objections, how to follow up, how to show up every day, are all skills.

And just like the knowing your numbers and knowing your value, they are skills you can learn.

But when is it REALLY powerful?

When you have all three nailed and working together.

Honestly, get your head around these three areas, and you have the skills you need to charge what you're worth and be in control of your business success!

Great, so where do I start?

Well first off, let me just say, you're not alone.

Nailing these three areas is something that every successful business owner has to do a some stage in their business journey.

For me, I tend to think the sooner the better right? Cos who has the time to waste?!

So here's where you can start:

#1. Learn your numbers.

Start by familiarising yourself with how much it costs to run your business, get clear on what salary you actually want to have, and know how long it honestly takes you to deliver your work.

These things aren't the solutions in themselves, but knowing these numbers is absolutely the starting point for getting your numbers sorted. Don't be afraid of your numbers. Learn them, know them so you can make informed decisions.

#2. Learn your value

This is also something I teach in How To Nail Your Pricing And Pay Yourself What You're Worth because it's something we all struggle with.

But start by switching your focus from how good you think YOU are, to how important the CHANGE is you help your clients make. Remember, it's not always about YOU! ;-)

#3. Learn how to sell

Stop thinking that sales is something you're either good at or you're not.

It's a skill.

And if you haven't nailed it yet, learn it.

Remember, You deserve a business that works for you.

That pays you what you're worth.

That brings you satisfaction and joy, and let's you live the life you dream.

Don't let your fears, insecurities or inaction rob you of that opportunity.

You deserve it.

You're worth it.

You got this.


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