3 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Buy Another Tool

If you've been in business for any length of time you've undoubtedly heard the phrase - it takes money to make money.

But as with any simple catch phrase there's usually a lot more to it then meets the eye.

Most new entrepreneurs will be running their business on the 'bootstrap model' - aka paying for everything yourself rather than getting external funding. Bootstrapping is also know as 'running on a shoe-string'! (Though I have no idea where all the footwear analogies came from!)

What this means is every penny really counts because every dollar you 'invest' in your business is another dollar out of your own back pocket.

When money is tight it can seem safest to guard it, to skrimp and save to make the most of the little you've got.

And there is a lot of wisdom in that.

When you're starting up, especially with an online business, there are so many unexpected costs that can come up - so many tools and technologies, not to mention marketing and ad spend that can all add up.

Especially when so many 'business tools' now run on a subscription model (and usually in US Dollars - which rarely favourable, especially to anyone living Downunder!).