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Breaking The Ceiling of Women In Business

In an article by Harvard Business Review, filmaker Ava DuVernay talks about the challenges she's had to overcome as an African American women building a successful career in Hollywood.

And while most of us may not have the same aspirations, for women in business, or just in life, we've all experienced many of the same things.

The challenges to our leadership, the questioning of decisions, mis-labelling of emotions, derision of our skills.

Because we too are trailblazers. Ceiling breakers.

We too are still so often going where few women have gone before. And it's often a lonely ride to get there.

So, let's write a new narrative.

Tell a new story.

If not just for ourselves but for a new generation.

A new generation of strong, young women and girls who never even questioned if a women 'could do it'.

Because why would they?

They saw their mum do it. And their Auntie. And their Grandma.

Their teachers, their Prime Ministers, their newsreaders, their film makers.

They saw us owning the stage, owning the show, owning the shop, owning ourselves.

They saw us struggling and failing and getting back up.

Saw us succeeding and cheering and striving for more.

They saw us loving and supporting and listening to each other.

They saw us not afraid to fail, but equally not afraid to succeed.

Let's show them how it's done.

So they'd never know it 'wasn't done' before.


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