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The 5 Steps To Take The Guesswork Out Of Service-Based Pricing.

Do you know what the number one pricing strategy used most often is...?

Are you ready for it?


Yup, almost every women entrepreneur and small business owner I've talked to, that's their number one pricing strategy. Guessing.

Guessing and tweaking and hoping it's right.

Sound familiar??

Now, experimenting in business is really important.

You don't always know if something is gonna a success.

You have to to risks. Try things before you know if it will work.

Learn, adjust, keep moving.

That's the nature of business.

But NOT when it comes to your pricing!

So many women entrepreneurs I know 'tinker' with their pricing and then wait three, six, 12 months before discovering it still wasn't enough.

So then they tinker again, rinse and repeat!

It can take years before you stumbling upon a price-point that actually start generating the kind of revenue you need.

The challenge is, not many of us HAVE years to wait.

When was the last time you sat down and worked out how much you were actually earning for all your hard work?

Last month?

Last year?


You NEED to know.

You're not running a charity here.

You're running a business.

And in order to KEEP running your business you need to be making enough money to pay all your bills AND pay yourself a decent salary.

It's not one or the other!

Because if you're not earning a good enough salary, there's only so long before you'll either burn out or give up.

If you can't pay your bills, or your mortgage or buy that house, or go on that trip or pay for the kids school/clothes/uni/holidays then life becomes a struggle.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You CAN get to a place where you can pay all your bills AND a decent salary.

I've seen it happen.

This is something I've helped business do for the past 20 years and I help women do every day.

However starting the journey doesn't need to be that hard!

Just making some small changes can make a massive difference on how much you earn for every job you do.

For starters, here's just a few of the areas you can look at:

  1. Are you charging for ALL the time it really takes to deliver your work?

  2. Are there any little costs that you keep forgetting about in your estimates that you can start to include?

  3. Is there any activity you do that adds extra time but not really extra value?

  4. Are there any activities that take a disproportionate amount of time that you could do differently to speed it up?

  5. Are you changing the TRUE value of your work? (Do you know what it is...?)

Starting with any of these areas can make a big difference.

Nailing two or three could even double what you earn per hour and get you on the path to paying yourself what you're worth.

One of the blockers I hear quite often is just not knowing where to start.

Which is totally normal!

You only have a really limited amount of time to spend on your business and you want to make sure you're spending it where you make the biggest difference.

To help business owners work out where to focus their energy I've created 5 Steps To Double Your Salary which can help you start to nail your pricing and earn more for every job you do.

It's free.

And is one thing you can do today to take the guess work out of your pricing so you can start to pay yourself what you're worth.


Sick of tinkering, not knowing what you need to be charging?

Tired of not paying able to pay yourself what you're worth?

Learn more about How To Nail Your Pricing And Pay Yourself What You're Worth and get started TODAY!


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