The One Strategy That Can Stop You Agonizing Over Your Launch Price.

When you're first starting out, whether start a new business, or a launching a new product or service, it can be really tricky figuring out what to charge.

You don't want to charge too high and have no one buy it (or feel Like a fraud!)

But you don't want to charge too low and make it look like it's not worth much.

Maybe you question whether you're worth charging higher rates...? After all you're only just starting out.

Or perhaps you worry if you charge too low you'll never actually make any money...?

Maybe you already launched and charged what you believe it's worth but now you're getting crickets - no-one is buying and you're worried to charged too much...?

Figuring out the right price when you're first launching can be a minefield!

And can leave you feeling confused and battered and stuck in Indecision Alley - too afraid to get it wrong so you don't take any action.